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Apr 27, 2022

Last week, a new team member came into my office and said “I just found out any Integrity team member can get tickets for any show at the Pageant or Delmar Hall for free. I can't believe you don't talk about this!”

Ok. Good point. Let's talk about it.  :)

Integrity offers a ton of perks to recruit and retain the best talent in the country, but why so many free tickets to shows? First, The Pageant and Delmar Hall are world-class venues attracting amazing acts, but the crazy amount of tickets we get every year has nothing to do with music. The truth is, I don't personally watch many concerts, but we have supported these venues for years because:

Culture takes investment

Great people will only work with a team they trust. They will not suffer mediocracy, toxicity or low performance. They have to know when they take a big risk, every member of their team will have their back and push as hard as they will toward success. Building this level of trust takes time and requires in-person connections whenever possible.

Recharging is critical

Many of our team members grab tickets for themselves and their friends so they can have an amazing night out. We love that! Cutting loose and relaxing is a requirement for any high performer and we support that 100%. 

Family is everything

My personal favorite use of this musical office perk is when team members use tickets to see shows with their families. Nothing in this world matters more than the memories you make with the people you love. Also, the family photos that get shared the next day on Slack are EPIC.

Bottom line - high-performing individuals choose teams and organizational cultures that can push them farther, faster. While supporting these points of connection have always been important, they are even more so in a “post-Covid” world. 

If you are a strategist, designer, digital marketer, or developer who wants to move faster than your current team, drop us a line. We are always looking for more A-Players who want to grow fast and change the world.

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