Healthcare Mobile Site Makes Paying Bills Easier, No Stamps Required!

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 8, 2012

To all those people who hate writing checks to their dentist, you’re welcome. Integrity just delivered a mobile-optimized site for Emdeon’s Patient Pay Online, a healthcare application that makes it easy to pay your medical bills online. After this project, you can now pay them from your phone, as well.

We had already reworked the desktop version of Patient Pay Online—streamlined user flows, unified the design, added some functionality— so we were intimately familiar with the nuts and bolts of the application when building the healthcare mobile site.

The key to making an application successful in a mobile interface is to keep it simple and easy to navigate—you can’t make the user scroll around to find the login button, for example. Keeping that in mind, we assessed what tasks users would most likely perform from their phones (pay their bills!), and optimized those pages for a small touchscreen. Then we applied the design elements already implemented in the desktop version, to create brand consistency across all platforms. Finally, we worked HTML magic to ensure that all the necessary functionality was accessible on iPhones or Androids.

Now we just need to build a mobile site that reduces everyone’s co-pay by 90%, and we’d be golden.

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