Integrity Partners With Hawthorn Foundation to Bring Economic Development Efforts to Social Media

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Nov 15, 2016

Integrity's content strategists are teaming up with The Hawthorn Foundation to help build Missouri's international business footprint. How are we doing it? Social media, of course.

Executive Director Margaret Onken approached Integrity with a straightforward question: How can Hawthorn Foundation leverage social media to provide a better understanding of our mission and to attract new support?

Integrity Parter and CEO John Simanowitz knew right away that Integrity's user-based approach to all things digital would allow our team of social media consultants to give Hawthorn the support they needed.

"When it comes to the web, knowing your user is critical," said Simanowitz, "whether you're building a marketing website, a custom mobile app or a marketing plan. We're excited to help Hawthorn Foundation build a presence on social media that will work for them and their target audience."

The marketing efforts will be helping Hawthorn Foundation coordinate include a variety of channels and platforms, including email, Twitter and LinkedIn as well as the development of a blog for their website.

Check out what Hawthorn Foundation is all about, and keep an eye out for updates on our work together.

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