Harnessing the Power of Employee Advocacy

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Strategy and Marketing Lead
Apr 26, 2023

Everyone distrusts a hard sell. Whether a small business or a large corporation, direct advertising is often a turnoff. We avoid ads in just about every way we can. One way to cut through the cluttered advertising field on the web is to foster engagement with your brand through your employees. 

This strategy can be simple and effective—often quite a bit more effective than traditional advertising. Here are some key stats on why you should consider adding this as part of your current marketing strategy: 

What are the best practices around employee-driven brand advocacy?

The best brand advocacy content comes from authentically engaged employees. Just like consumers see through hard-sell content, customers can also tell the difference between an employee that genuinely believes in what they are saying and those that don’t. 

As an employer, it is crucial not just to hire people who can do the job; you want to hire employees that believe in the mission and values of your company. 

Here at Integrity, we have successfully helped our clients develop their employees into brand advocates. 

One case study that stands out is our partnership with Carpet Weaver’s, which exemplifies employee-driven brand advocacy. 

Design consultant Michael Ujcich lives and breathes Carpet Weaver’s mission and vision from start to finish on every project. His passion for design is palpable in every client interaction as he strives to make their spaces feel more like home.

Micheal has been instrumental in designing Carpet Weaver’s showroom floors to include stunning accessory displays—he even hosts decorating events so he can share concepts and insights with others in the community. 

His dedication to design while making every customer feel engaged throughout the process makes him a cornerstone where flooring, furniture, and family meet. 

Here at Integrity, we see Michael as an inspiration that embodies the Carpet Weaver’s brand. He authentically engages customers in a manner that adds value and encourages commitment to his company. 

As a business, building customer loyalty stems from building loyalty in your employees. If your employees believe in the company, your customers will sense that belief and know that you truly stand for what you say you stand for. 

Once you have the right employees in the door, the next step is to foster that relationship. Find ways to recognize employees for their contributions, empower them to be decision-makers, and find opportunities to incorporate employees’ families into the culture.

Some other ideas include: 

  • Giving new hires a gift card to take their families out to a celebratory dinner
  • Send notes home to the employee’s family members recognizing the employee's contributions
  • Recognize, in public and internally, when an employee has had a professional success
  • Distribute company merchandise – this is a simple one, but wearing a brand really does make you feel connected to it

The bottom line—when employees feel recognized and valued in their company, they are much more likely to promote or share positive feelings and experiences with their personal, professional, and social networks. Harness the power of your employees and their passions today. 

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