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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 27, 2016

Growing your online customer base requires you to explore the most popular places on the web. When we are helping our clients grow, we look to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Google Search to see if we can convert their audiences into customers. One of our most successful social initiatives has been for long-time client Jiffy Steamer.

Jiffy Steamer is the worldwide leader in steam technology. They have been in business for more than 70 years, and their clothing steamer products are used by practically every professional in the fashion industry. The pros demand the best, and no one is better than Jiffy Steamer.

For those of us outside of the fashion industry, we may not know one steamer from another. Which means we have no idea if we are buying a high quality steamer, like a Jiffy Steamer, or some cheaply made device that will break after a few uses.

Jiffy Steamer has been working with Integrity for many years now, and we work hard to always find new ways to grow their customer base online. We have two core beliefs when it comes to online marketing, and they have served our clients well. We believe that online marketing should be accountable to the bottom line, and we believe we should always be testing.

For instance, Jiffy Steamer has a search marketing campaign that has been running for more than 15 years. But, with that long history came neglect. The campaign was very successful in the early days, and the marketing team turned their attention to other efforts, but the success did not last and the campaigns were not updated. When we took over the account, we did a full audit and quickly discovered that the cost-per-conversion (sale) was much higher than the profit they made from each sale.

The cost-per-conversion was so high, we were concerned search marketing might not even be a reliable channel anymore. So, we set aggressive goals, and started testing every ad element in an attempt to make the campaigns profitable. Within three months we had reduced the cost-per-conversion by 90% and increased the number of conversion each month. Not only were the campaigns profitable, but they were more successful than ever.

And, we haven't stopped with their search campaigns. We actively run campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We make sure each campaign is trackable, so we ensure it is providing value to our client's bottom line.

“Our team is dedicated to providing real value to our clients,” said Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. “Companies like Jiffy Steamer take great pride in the products they create, and we take great pride in helping them grow their business.”

If you would like to learn how we can help you grow your customer base online with the leading St. Louis digital agency, let us know!

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