Google's Advancements in AI for Marketing

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Digital Marketing Strategist
May 31, 2024

In the constantly changing digital marketing world, Google Ads and all its platforms reign supreme. Its complicated AI systems continue to evolve at a rapid pace. Google Ads have become a staple in advertising, and keeping up with its new lead-generation capabilities can be a pain. In this blog, let’s look at Google’s newest AI capabilities and how they will impact you in the short term.

Gemini and Search

Gemini is Google's answer to its competitors, such as Chat GPT. These platforms threaten Google's position as a search platform, and here is Google’s answer: a short snippet of a generative AI that can give you an answer without doing the labor of funneling through search results. This could impact how users interact with ads and how they search for information in the future.

Performance MAX (PMAX)

PMAX came onto the scene clunky, short-handed, and without features, robust optimizations, or reporting. Now, after a year of advancement, it’s here to stay. With its intelligent bidding strategies, precise audience targeting, and dynamic ad creatives across all of Google's platforms, PMAX has come to the forefront of lead generation if done correctly.

Text-to-Image AI

Just when we thought Google couldn't push the envelope any further, they have now introduced Generative AI. Based on previous use, it's not perfectly exact, but the potential of having Google behind this would be, nonetheless, golden. Generating ad images from within the platform would give advertisers a quick solution to their creative processes, such as scaling content and marketing efforts.

Google has made leaps and bounds in its AI capabilities and, based on its neighboring blogs, will be pushing AI further into the future. We, as advertisers, must do our best to keep up with its ever-changing landscape and capabilities.

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