Google Search On 2020: What We Learned

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Oct 21, 2020

Whether you’re entrenched in SEO on a daily basis or simply want to use Google Search to the best of your abilities, Google’s Search On 2020 event had something for everyone.

Google Search: The All-Knowing Entity

Google is always changing and innovating, whether you notice it or not. Its search algorithm updates, though sometimes frustrating for content writers, are meant to make Google Search a more intuitive tool, Google is anticipating what you need faster than you can type it, ensuring that your search results match the intent behind your search. It’s all about context.

What’s New On Google Search

For digital marketing gurus and Google users alike, the new updates to Google Search have something for everyone.

Updated Spelling Algorithm

Clumsy typer? That doesn’t matter. Google Search’s spelling algorithm has gotten even smarter to predict the true intent behind misspelled search queries. 

Say you’re speedily typing into the search bar and you request information on “sourdough bed,” Google will correct for you and politely ask, “Did you mean sourdough bread?” with the relevant search results below. 

Segmented Searches

Using AI, Google will be able to segment searches into subtopics to give you more accurate search results. Google BERT language comprehensive engine will process user queries more intelligently, considering the context of your search questions or long-tail keyword phrases to serve the most relevant results. 

If you were to type “do you need a passport to go to mexico,” Google will serve the most relevant and accurate source of truth to answer that question. In the past you might have been served a variety of results related to travel in Mexico, acquiring a passport, getting a passport in Mexico, etc. Now Google is making smart assumptions to serve you better. 

Augmented Reality with Google Lens

AR is going one step further. Now augmented reality with Google Lens can recognize 15 billion objects — last year it only recognized 1 billion. Identify plants, animals and landmarks. Even let Google help you with math equations or learn more than 100 foreign languages. 

You can also use Google Lens to search for a product in a photo, such as a pair of shoes someone is wearing. The search tool will be able to pull up results that are identical or similar to the item you’re wondering about. 

Busyness Information on Google Maps

Especially in the time of COVID-19, more and more of us are thinking twice about running out to a store or a nearby park. Now Google Maps gives you live busyness updates of a variety of retail businesses and attractions directly on the map itself. 

Google hopes this new feature will minimize crowds during the pandemic and is supposed to start rolling out in the coming weeks.

Enhanced Google Duplex Personal Assistant

Duplex, which was first introduced two years ago, uses AI algorithms and a speech synthesizer to contact establishments and make reservations. 

Now, Duplex technology can automatically call places in order to update Search and Google Maps with the correct local information, such as hours, takeout options, and if they offer contactless payment.

Hum-to-Search Feature

So this one’s a little more fun than functional. Ever have a song stuck in your head but cannot for the life of you remember any of the words? By simply saying “What’s this song” or tapping the newly added “search a song” button, you can then hum the tune into Google Search. Google’s machine learning models can now comprehend human singing, whistling or humming, as opposed to the exact track you’re listening to.

Why Google Search Is Important to Your Business

Like we said earlier, we consider ourselves digital marketing geeks. But even if you don’t count yourself as part of that group, the features and intelligence of Google Search do impact your business.

Say you’re a brick-and-mortar flooring company. You have decent foot traffic but have tough competition with big-box companies like Home Depot. How do you get people to find your business over the larger names?

Knowing how Google is refining their tools to better serve the user is what allows us to help our clients to be the most relevant and wanted search results to populate. 

A search engine optimization or SEO strategy is crucial to brand awareness and can be part of your lead generation strategy. You want people to find you for what you do, with keywords such as “flooring store near me” or “luxury vinyl tile store.” Do you currently know where you rank for those terms in on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs)? Do you know if your store’s information is up to date on Google Maps?

If you don’t, that’s OK! This is where our fun begins. Google is getting smarter by the day, so it takes a dedicated team who understands how it advances and operates to ensure you’re showing up when you need to be. 


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