Generating Qualified Leads With an Optimized Landing Page

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 17, 2017

When long-time Integrity partner EV Technologies came to us in need of an optimized landing page for their software solution, Sherlock, our team was ecstatic to help them gain the qualified leads they were looking to obtain.

EV Technologies, located in St. Louis, MO, is a leader in BI and SAP analytics. Their robust BI software solution, more commonly known as Sherlock, is used by companies such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Chevron and other large companies who need assistance with big data. Deciding they needed a landing page to promote Sherlock to potential clients, the EV Technologies team came to, you guessed it, the team at Integrity to create a custom, optimized landing page to gather pertinent client details.

As our two companies partner together on many ventures, EV Technologies already knew Integrity could present the data in an optimized and logical fashion that would warrant more leads and help them get in front of potential clients.

To meet and exceed the goals on this project, our team created a clean layout, including the most relevant content customers would want to see on the page. We also added a form to the landing page to ensure the EV Technologies crew could follow-up with people interested in their innovative product.

"EV Technologies has a truly unique piece of software that helps increase a company's performance and ROI", said Ed Morrissey, Chief Creative Officer at Integrity. "It is always a pleasure to work with this talented team. We can't wait until the next opportunity comes our way."

If your company requires a BI solution, we suggest you check out Sherlock by EV Technologies. We've also got the hook up if you'd like an introduction.

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