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Content and Digital Marketing Strategist
Feb 2, 2023

Ever tried to find the perfect phone case, nail art, or the latest sneaker drop but don’t have the words to describe it? Look no further than Google Multisearch, a new way to search using a combination of texts and images powered by AI. With multisearch in Lens, go beyond the search box and ask questions about what you see to get optimal, more fine-tuned results. Multisearch has advanced to include search between videos, images, PDFs, text, languages, and more. Within the next few months, this tool will be expanding to more than 70 global languages!

For example, let’s take the fidget spinner, the trending gadget of 2017. In the Google search bar, click on the camera icon, either taking a picture of exactly what you want to search or uploading one already on your device. Wanting a blue one with similar structure as the green? Click on “Add to your search” and type “blue.” BOOM! Results.

Multisearch is also featuring some awesome additions in the near future. By using “multisearch near me,” you can look locally for certain food, clothing items, and more at businesses closest to you. Google will also begin showing shortcuts beneath the generic search bar to deepen your search inquiry, such as “translate text with camera,” “solve homework with camera,” “identify song with listening,” and beyond. Since multisearch is still under beta testing, not every feature is available to all users.

Now, how does this apply to your business? Futureproofing your digital assets for discovery is the key to winning in 2023 digital marketing. Multisearch can significantly enhance search matches for shopping searches and beyond. For your digital marketing strategy, this can be a huge change in the future for your ads and campaigns. Using visual elements and clear search terms in your campaign can boost your chance of ranking on Google, specifically for these types of multisearches. As you begin to optimize your content, social media, and ad campaigns for this new frontier of Google, your target audience will more easily access your website, app, and other online platform content.

At Integrity, our team of strategists, developers, and designers can optimize your digital marketing strategy beyond the search box! Let’s collaborate.

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