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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Feb 24, 2017

While Integrity’s process is always customized to a particular project, we do have some tried and true tools that help us deliver an optimal product for our clients. And when we reach what we consider one of the most important phases of a project - the content creation phase - we definitely have our favorites. Here’s our top list of content tools and why we love them.


GatherContent tops our list of favorite content tools. It has been instrumental in helping us work with clients to create, review, and approve content. GatherContent provides an easy way to collaborate with clients and with teammates on the same project. We can set specific character limits or requirements for each section of a page, set varying status approvals and assign specific teams in GatherContent. And we use GatherContent for what seems like everything! Content on marketing websites, e-commerce sites, branding guides, social media posts, advertising campaigns and more!

Google Drive

We are huge fans of Google products at Integrity, and the product at the top of our Google list is Drive. We use Google Drive as a place to share, review and collaborate on all internal and client documents with our project teams. Rather than saving and renaming various versions of a document and distributing to the team, Drive allows everyone to work and provide feedback on a document instantaneously. It’s great because it allows for collaboration with each and every valuable team member. Here at Integrity, we rely on all team members to be accountable for the quality of our work during each step of the process, and collaborative tools facilitate that.


Evernote is another tool that many of us at Integrity use. It’s a great way to capture all of your ideas, notes, decisions, etc., while at work. Some of us use it as a simple note taking tool, while other organize all personal project information into various notebooks, notes and tags. Some of the great features of Evernote include the ability to search for notes, make to-do lists and set deadlines for tasks. And, when we have a document or file to share with other team members, we use Evernote’s sharing feature!


While not strictly a content tool, Wunderlist still makes the top content tools list. For those who love extreme organization and the satisfaction of checking at item off a list, Wunderlist is the tool for you. Many of our content writers and project managers use Wunderlist to keep track of project to-dos, personal to-dos, deadlines, and assignments. The Wunderlist app is simple and easy to use, and (like all our other favorite tools) allows for collaboration with a team!

The tools in our arsenal aren't the keys to our productivity, but they certainly help us keep our projects organized, on time and on budget. What are your favorite content or organization tools? Tweet your favorites @integritystl.

Do you want to work with a group of organized and collaborative strategists? Drop us a line!

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