Exploring Blockchain for Multinational Biotech Giant

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 9, 2018

At Integrity, one of our core values is transparency, both as business and web consultants and as creators of cool stuff. We prioritize transparency across all our processes so that if something goes wrong, we can find the problem and fix it quickly. It's one of the many reasons why blockchain technology is an exciting concept to us, and why we jump at the chance to work on any project that involves it.

Last year, our web development company had the opportunity to complete a discovery project for one of the largest agricultural biotechnology corporations in the world. They came to us seeking our expertise and assistance in identifying a traceability solution that could provide transparency across their entire process chain.

Diving deep into discovery for blockchain traceability solutions

As we do with all clients, we began by immersing ourselves in every aspect of the business. Food production is a highly-regulated, complex process that requires an intense level of quality control and oversight. Identifying and tracing a product's lifecycle across a massive supply chain involving multiple departments and participants is a challenge that can be labyrinthine, manually intensive and inhibited by poor workflow optimization.

The challenge presented to us by this client was to uncover the primary pain points along their value chain and determine a solution that would allow them to track products throughout their entire production. As a major multinational food producer, it is critical that they have the ability to quickly and accurately identify where mistakes occur along the process chain.

In short, they needed to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide high-quality products that meet both customer and regulatory requirements, and they were curious to know if blockchain was the right technology to help them do it.

Providing solutions backed by data

First things first - you can't pinpoint problems across an intricate network of production without a thorough understanding of every component of it. We began by interviewing over seventy individuals across multiple departments within the corporation: product leads, marketing and sales executives, supply chain logistics experts, processors, food industry experts and more. Facilitating focus groups allowed us to gain an inside look into their day-to-day production cycle and the challenges it posed.

Using our findings, we developed personas and actor profiles to help communicate the data we gathered. We mapped out the entire business process, all the players within it and each of their respective values. We also audited over fifty business software platforms in an effort to determine blockers, opportunities and possibilities for integrating distinct processes.

Thanks to our multi-tiered data gathering efforts, we were able to reach definitive outcomes and provide the client with prioritized recommendations to solve their pain points and optimize their processes. We not only provided them with actionable insights and proposed solutions including blockchain technology, our intense discovery effort yielded invaluable raw data on their processes and supply chain.

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