Whelan Security Enterprise WordPress Development Project Celebrates Success

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Apr 14, 2016

Every enterprise WordPress development project we do begins and ends with the user. We don't start building anything until we have a deep understanding of who will be visiting the new website and how they'll be using it.

Whelan Security, a leading professional security services firm in the US, realized its website could do a much better job of serving three equally important user types: potential clients, current employees and job seekers.

The site also had to be a search engine optimization powerhouse that could outperform the competition in search results for key terms.

Integrity and Whelan set out to overhaul WhelanSecurity.com, and one year after the project launched, the new site has satisfied those goals.

Organic search traffic is up by 30 percent, with three of Whelan's target keywords ranking on page one of Google results. And more users are finding the site valuable, too, with a 17-percent increase in number of pages viewed per session and a 25-percent increase in time spent on the site.

"We are thrilled with the results," Whelan Marketing Manager Maggie Gruninger said. "Now we can direct users to our site and be confident that what they see is a strong, accurate and consistent representation of our brand and our service capabilities.”

The secret to the site's success is in its user experience. Early in the project, we decided to build a standalone but identically branded microsite solely for job seekers and current employees. Whelan's product is its people, and that audience constitutes a large enough percentage of site visitors to justify having a separate destination. The microsite allows employees and potential employees to find everything they need to know about working for Whelan without having to dig through client-targeted content.

"The Career Center is the number one place visitors are going," Gruninger said. "If a jobseeker reaches our main site, it's easy for them to access the microsite and learn more about the great career opportunities we have available to them."

On both the career-focused microsite and main client marketing site, we challenged the Whelan team to pare down the content as much as possible and focus only on the most important information. The result was a significant reduction in the number of pages and the amount of content on each. With only one topic presented per page and concise, keyword-rich headlines and copy, the sites are highly optimized for search crawlers.

Leveraging WordPress allowed us to make the new sites completely content manageable for the Whelan team. They can change the quick links on the homepage based on customer or employee demand and add awesome new milestones to their company historical timeline. We even built a content manageable map where Whelan can showcase its continuous expansion into new markets.

And of course, both sites use responsive web design to be optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet browsers. This is standard practice with all of our enterprise WordPress development projects.

"Like Integrity, Whelan Security is big on attracting cool clients and talented employees," Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey said. "We made sure their new site reinforced both of those values, and we're excited about its continued success."

Our enterprise WordPress development team regularly cranks out intuitive, beautiful user experiences that accomplish all of our clients' goals. Contact us to find out how we can help your company.

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