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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Mar 11, 2010

Computer viruses aren't the only reason to take your technology for a checkup - Enterprise Medical Services (EMS), a leading physician recruiting firm based in St. Louis, MO, came to Integrity for a website physical. After the healthcare gurus at Integrity took some family history and knocked on its knees with the little hammer thingy (yes, that's the real name, hush), we discovered that EMS was in need of a design bypass and some major user flow surgery.

After the diagnosis was made, the content strategy team slipped into our scrubs (ok, they were sweats) and went to work creating a new user experience that allowed doctors to quickly and intuitively search and apply for jobs. Our team of precision designers opted for a clean, friendly layout and color scheme to keep the focus on the site goal-connecting top docs with top jobs. And none of it would have been possible without the steady hands of our development team, who worked round the clock (without the benefit of an on-call room!) to implement an easy-to-update content management system and flush out all the pesky browser bugs.

The website is up and running (although it's not yet allowed to do stairs) - the surgery was a success! Thank you, doctors.

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