Fostering a Culture of Issue Prevention

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Partner & CEO
Nov 21, 2017

Working every day to proactively prevent a fire is exponentially more valuable than the army it will take to extinguish one permitted to start. As business becomes more complex and the stakes of failure increase, organizations must culture shift from issue resolution to issue prevention. Brute force intervention is necessary at times but should be viewed as a lesson for future issue avoidance – not celebrated as a success itself. After all, some damage simply cannot be undone. At Integrity, our clients rely on our team of designers and content strategists to find potential problems before they occur and improve performance not because of a customer complaint, but to prevent one. Beyond server maintenance and code support, ongoing user experience testing and content reviews are crucial to ensure your web assets are converting interest into action and adhering to accessibility compliance best practices. Sure, we are great at addressing a client issue, but preventing that client issue is always our ultimate goal. If your websites or applications seem perpetually on fire, you probably need a new team with a different approach. Contact Integrity today to see how we can help.

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