Does TV advertising work?

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Mar 14, 2022

I remember predicting the death of TV advertising in the late 90s. It seemed inevitable given the utility and explosive growth of the web. Want something? Search, find, and purchase. Done. To me, TV seemed doomed.

Except, that didn’t happen.

New digital platforms exploded, offering more ways for customers to learn about products and engage with brands. But for companies selling consumer products, TV was still the cheapest and most effective way to generate broad market awareness.

As TV media buying evolved to include digital platforms like streaming & connected TV (Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, etc), my thinking about TV advertising evolved as well. I stopped thinking about it as TV advertising, but rather “promotional short-form video content” across platforms.

Today, IntegrityXD creates and places millions per year of this “short-form video” content across all TV advertising platforms for a wide range of clients. If you live anywhere near the Midwest, I guarantee you have seen several of our commercials encouraging consumers into websites or stores. For those who think TV advertising is just for legacy businesses, think again. Tech companies are using TV advertising now more than ever before – probably because they are coming to the same realization we did… short-form video storytelling is pretty great.

So, does TV advertising work? It certainly isn’t for every business, and even those who would benefit from it must approach it in a very specific way to get any return from their investment. Every buyer journey is a connected chain of events, and every link must be well designed, streamlined, useful, and simple.

For TV advertising to work, the message and execution must be spot on and be part of a larger strategy - but yes. TV absolutely works... if you understand how to use it and understand how it's changed.

If you are curious about TV advertising, speaking with an agency like IntegrityXD (who is experienced with all advertising and marketing channels) is the best place to start. We can discuss the universe of options and how they all fit together into a cohesive and effective campaign.

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