Integrity Launches Fresh New Marketing Website for Ev Technologies

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 11, 2016

Our partnership with business intelligence application shop EV Technologies has been amazing, and the evidence is in the beautiful application work we've already accomplished together.

For our next collaboration, Integrity just launched a responsive WordPress website that gives EV Technologies a platform to show off just how sexy their SAP analytics skills really are.

(Super sexy, by the way.)

As the global, award winning leader in SAP analytics, EV Technologies provides super-functional business intelligence applications and support to data-driven companies all over the world. But their old marketing website simply wasn't successfully conveying just how sweet action their products and services really are.

Having worked with us to enhance several of their application user interfaces, EV Technologies approached Integrity knowing we had the custom web development and user experience teams to design and build a world class experience.

EV Technologies needed a an updated look and feel in their new marketing website. Throughout the discovery, design and development phases we focused on the goals of building better brand awareness with a fresh look and ditching the bland industry speak for the more confident and nerdy tone that matches the EV personality perfectly.

The finished product is a vibrant website featuring a brand new logo, simple navigation, subtle animations and bold copy that isn't afraid to point out what's great about EV Technologies.

"EV Technologies develops the world's best SAP analytics systems, and they needed a marketing site that didn't hide their excellence," said Integrity Founder and CEO John Simanowitz. "There's nothing we love more at Integrity than helping our clients reflect who they are through a thoughtful and well considered web experience, and that's exactly what our team did with the new EV Technologies website."

Check out our partner's new website to see what we're talking about and to learn more about how EV Technologies is upping the game on what's possible with enterprise data (sizzle).

Like what you see? Let our custom web development team transform your website into a stunning online experience that's as cool as the business you do. Contact us to get started.

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