Integrity Helps Heal Pets With Aratana Custom Web Application

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Nov 4, 2015

At Integrity, we strive to live up to our name. Transparency and honesty are important to us, and we work hard to choose clients with the same goals. That’s why when Aratana wanted to partner with us for a custom web application, we were wagging our tails!

Aratana applies advances in human health to solve unmet needs in animal health. As a pet-friendly office, this is a cause we couldn’t wait to support.

There are a few phases in the process, but Aratana wanted a way to collect accurate information from field testing in order to prove the drug’s effectiveness. Our goal was to create a web app that would allow veterinary offices the ability to quickly and accurately record patient visits in which they administered an Aratana drug. But pet treatment can be as complex as treatment for humans. Aratana needed an app that collected the entire drug protocol, not just Aratana drugs.

Using our UX and web app development expertise, we were able to build an easy-to-use tool that captured all necessary information, created reports and has a sleek analytics dashboard.

The data collected from each visit and complete case is extrapolated to a comprehensive analytics dashboard. This dashboard shows a variety of graphs based upon the current month's goals which the admin can easily change metrics to compare and create predictions. Admins can also view statistics for each drug or site, or dive deep into each individual case to see the number of visits, drugs administered and other details.

The app we built for Aratana is being used in over 80 veterinary offices with hundreds of active cases. Aratana is currently field testing two drugs, with over 18 in the pipeline. Their newest goal is to complete a formal study to better understand how a novel therapeutic can improve outcomes for lymphoma in dogs.

We are helping them achieve this goal by removing Aratana's admin access to the app and all data collected. A third party will facilitate a formal study to further prove the effectiveness of Aratana's medicine. In order to do so, they will be given exclusive access to complete, accurate data from the field.

“Our company mission is to build cool stuff for cool clients," said Integrity Partner Ed Morrissey. "The chance to build a custom web app from the ground up for the leader in pet therapeutics fit this mission perfectly. We look forward to continuing to work alongside Aratana as they make the world better, one dog at a time."

Have a heart for dogs and need help building custom web applications? Let us know.

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