Creating a Brand for an Executive Search Firm

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Oct 12, 2016

Building on brand

Creating a quality web presence for your users can have a big impact on your company's success. That's not a rumor – we've seen it proven time after time. The best websites have an excellent user experience and also reflect the offline experiences consumers have with the brand. In fact, a website is a powerful platform to establish and communicate your brand message. But first, you need a well-defined brand.

Earlier this year, Grant Cooper engaged the Integrity team to redesign their website and their brand presence. With the launch of the new website, Grant Cooper celebrated their new web presence and the launch of their new brand.

Creating an executive search brand

Grant Cooper is an executive search firm that specializes in placing top candidates in leadership positions. They deliver exceptional service, so they needed a brand that was about more than a logo or a color palette. Their brand is the essence of their company, so creating something that represented Grant Cooper online, and off, was the team's primary goal.

The first piece of the puzzle was to help Grant Cooper identify and articulate their brand message. Creating a brand that is true to the Grant Cooper team required input from the experts – the Grant Cooper team. In a collaborative process, Integrity outlined the brand personality along with messaging guidelines.

With the new messaging guidelines in hand, the design team created a logo to unify Grant Cooper with one cohesive emblem. Balancing sophistication and approachability, the new logo is professional, confident and friendly. The new assets – including the logo and a new color palette – are a perfect fit!

The brand updates were carried through the new website with an elegant user experience and copy that fits the Grant Cooper personality. Visit the Grant Cooper website to experience their new brand first hand.

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