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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 19, 2016

Content strategy is as important as design and development when it comes to creating an incredible web experience.

You might be selling a great product or offering a totally unique service, but all that is meaningless if your users don't understand what it is, how to get it or why they need it. That's where your content strategy comes in.

As a user-focused web development company, we make sure content strategy and UX design always go hand in hand. Our redesign of nonprofit Operation Shower's website early in 2016 is a perfect example of how that collaboration results in a web experience that meets the goals of both the organization and their users.

Operation Shower hosts baby showers for military families all over the country (and world) to help ease the stress of deployment. Their old website, designed years ago by Integrity, had become out of date and no longer fulfilled Operation Shower's goals.

But a modern look and updated technology only made up a small part of what the site was missing. It was difficult to navigate, lacked brand consistency and tended to bury the most important information.

One of the first steps we took when the project kicked off was to map out the site in its current state. We created a more efficient site architecture by adding and removing information based on our goals of driving sponsorships and donations, showcasing the showers and strengthening the brand.

The new architecture offers simpler navigation, giving priority to primary user actions – sponsoring, volunteering and donating. The addition of photo galleries and a custom "showers" post type gives users a chance to see the details of every shower hosted over the years.

Once the architecture was established, we crafted new content that reflects the bright, cheerful voice of the organization and clarifies the Operation Shower story and mission clearly and concisely.

"Anyone who visits the new Operation Shower website is immediately aware of what they do, how they do it and why they're a great organization to support," said Integrity Partner and Chief Creative Officer Ed Morrissey. "The visual design of any web product adds necessary personality, but the information architecture beneath it is what keeps users coming back by making it easy for them to find the information they need."

Feel like your website visitors are confused? Let us help you give them the information they want, how they want it. Contact us today.

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