Adaptation During COVID: Healthcare Services

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Aug 11, 2020

You can’t think or talk about COVID-19 without mentioning healthcare. From testing to providers and PPE, the current pandemic has infiltrated the healthcare industry inside and out.

So when our client — the largest hospital system in St. Louis — started facing these uncharted waters, we adjusted our partnership to meet new and rapidly changing needs.

Healthcare Innovation Amidst a Pandemic

The moment COVID-19 hit the Midwest, Integrity’s healthcare technology team spent nights and weekends making sure our client was up-to-speed. In addition, we needed to boost its virtual operations by providing tools that allowed it to perform as efficiently as possible given the new influx of both employees and patients seeking information and assistance.

Within one week, we spun up new elements of our technology innovation program, including health screening tools for both employees and patients.

First, we built a virtual care COVID-19 screening quiz for current and potential patients to take and determine if they should seek additional testing. This was during a time when testing was reserved to those showing symptoms, were high risk, or had been potentially exposed to the virus. This screening tool has been used nearly 700,000 times and keeps patients feeling safe, secure, and aware of their next steps. 

We also rapidly launched an enterprise-level tool for the hospital network’s 33,000 employees to take before heading into work, which has been used over one million times since launch. The results of this quiz keeps our client up-to-date on employee health to help further prevent the coronavirus spread. This was the first time our client implemented secured technology that all medical and administrative staff could access with a single sign-on. 

As city and state lockdown measures increased, the need for clear and accurate information also increased. That meant one of our largest tasks was to create a digital repository of assets to educate the public about the virus and how the hospital was addressing concerns. 

Through multiple microsites with targeted content as well as web ads, we supported our client while also supporting the community it serves. We are also currently in the process of developing a visitor screening tool now that hospital visitors have more permissions. 

Virtual Care Made Better

Technological innovation is a major undertaking. Technological innovation during a health crisis is even more daunting. 

In a time when it was virtually impossible for doctors, nurses and medical staff to screen patients one-on-one, Integrity’s COVID-19 screening quiz added a new layer to healthcare. And when our communities were facing an ever-spreading, unpredictable disease, we helped frontline workers keep them safe.

We have felt immense privilege to serve the healthcare community during such troubling and scary times and look forward to our continued partnership in the future.


Has your business experienced the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you ready to shift your healthcare technology, marketing and operational strategies to be better positioned for whatever comes next? Integrity is the right partner for you. Contact us today to get started.

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