What Does Content Strategy Have to Do With Web Design and Web Application Development?

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Apr 25, 2016

Integrity has three main areas of focus: software development, user experience design (UX) and content. In-house software development is a must for any quality web agency, and UX has shown that user-focused design in web applications and websites is critical to success.

But what about content? And what the heck is content strategy?

At Integrity, our culture is to value content as equal in importance to UX design and development. We know great content is a cornerstone to awesome web application development, and it is something we build into all our projects.

Yet, it might seem like content can be the low man on the totem pole when you're dreaming up your million-dollar application. After all, it is easy to assume that people want to use your application for the features. But don't fool yourself — terrible content can sink even the most amazing features. When you don't know how to speak to your users, they won't want to use those features.

The reason Integrity has content as one of our three main areas of focus is because content is the linchpin to creating something great on the web.

At the smallest level, content is the images, videos and copy you use to communicate with your users.

At the largest level, we are not just focused on the content on the page but also on asking the following: Who is creating content? What is the overall message we want to communicate to our users? How will we use content to achieve our business goals? What are the workflows for creating, editing and retiring content? How is the content organized, formatted and displayed?

That is a lot to remember, so it might be easier to refer to all of this as content strategy.

In the end, you need to think of content as a feature on your site. Terrible content can cause a good application idea to fail. Great content can actually be the core feature that drives users to your app.

Want the best content strategists behind your web application development project? We're here for you.

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