What Content Marketing Can Do for Your Retail Brand

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In a media landscape hyper-saturated with advertisements, it is crucial for retail brands to break through the clutter and stand out from their competition. But how can they accomplish such a daunting task? By executing a powerful content marketing strategy that gets in front of both existing and potential customers.

What exactly are the benefits of content marketing?

While traditional marketing efforts unapologetically aim to make sales, content marketing offers benefits to both your business and your customers. It is all about building a relationship with your audience that inspires trust and loyalty, not just pushing products or services on them. Good content marketing can build your brand's image and convey personality without being pushy or overtly promotional.

Statistics from the Content Marketing Institute show that content marketing leaders experience 7.8 times more traffic to their site than non-leaders and generate 3 times as many leads. In a world where ecommerce is accounting for higher and higher shares of retailers’ sales, this increased traffic generation is invaluable for any business.

On top of that, content marketing is highly cost-effective. With cost of goods consistently rising, profit margins in the retail industry can be thin. Retail brands cannot waste money on ineffective efforts and must be conservative with their marketing budgets.

Content marketing is effective and comparatively inexpensive, providing retailers with more bang for their buck. Web Strategies Inc. conducted a survey of leading digital marketing firms and found that content marketing ranked as the channel with the third highest return on investment, just after email marketing and SEO. You can also optimize both your content and SEO efforts by integrating them - get two benefits for the price of one!

Even if your blog posts or videos do not immediately lead to a sale, quality content builds warm traffic that you can remarket to later. Businesses with strong content efforts drive higher conversion rates over time - up to 6 times higher than non-content marketing competition.

How do you achieve great content marketing?

The first step to creating valuable content is determining your brand’s audience, their needs and the solutions that you can provide them. Once you know who they are, you can determine what to do to grab their attention. Will they be more likely to read a blog, watch a video or interact with you on Facebook Live?

Perhaps you could help them learn a new skill, one that requires the use of your product. You can also simply offer them entertainment, interesting new information or a relatable story. Whatever it is, it should be focused less on selling to them and more on offering them value. Build their trust and, on occasion, offer them compelling reasons to spend their money on your products.

Perhaps just as useful as knowing what to do is knowing what not to do. Take a look at these examples of bad content marketing, and what you can do to avoid making common mistakes.

We speak from experience.

Integrity has firsthand involvement in implementing successful content marketing strategies for retail brands. We've learned a thing or two from the custom Jiffy Steamer. In addition to building them an optimized ecommerce site, we also manage their content marketing efforts. For an example of original, audience-focused content, check out their blog.

Quality content creation can be difficult, but there are plenty of tools out there to help you on your way. And, as with any marketing effort, keep in mind that performing regular data analytics is necessary for tracking the success of your efforts. Check out our list of free tools that can aid in your efforts to generate and track content.

Now that you know the benefits content marketing can lend to your brand and how to approach it in the right way, you should be ready to integrate it into your marketing efforts!

Want the benefits of content marketing but don’t have the time to put in the effort yourself? Get in touch today and let Integrity’s expert content marketing team handle it for you!

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