How Our Content Development Process Works for Santa's Helpers, Inc.

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 11, 2016

Think back to your childhood holidays. You might remember waking up at the crack of dawn and running to see perfectly wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, many families are struggling through hard times and their children don't have that perfect holiday moment. And that is why Santa's Helpers, Inc. helps deliver joy to those St. Louis families who need it most.

Santa's Helpers has delivered more than 700,000 presents to families in need for more than 48 years. At Integrity, we felt that an organization bringing such joy to children needed a website to match. So, this summer our intern team set out to redesign the Santa's Helpers website. An important step in the process was content development.

We carefully rewrote all key content on each page to make it top-notch. When rewriting the content, we made sure to incorporate the spirit of Santa's Helpers by making the voice more personable, compassionate and inviting. This included cutting down some longer blocks of text to make it more effective and easier to read. Additionally, we wanted to update the site with some fresh new images. We attended the Christmas in July event hosted by Santa's Helpers and were able to capture great photos to add to their photo gallery.

"The right content can really help bring a site to life," says project lead Alex Rodriguez."Our team did a great job of showing the spirit and generosity of Santa's Helpers through their new website."

With new and updated content, we hope the new site will encourage visitors to be a little less Grinch and a little more Santa by giving back to the St. Louis community through Santa's Helpers. Through donations and volunteering, we can all spread the holiday cheer we loved growing up.

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