Change and Simplicity in 2020

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Dec 31, 2019

Throughout 2019, we used every opportunity to share with our clients how rapidly the world of web technology marketing is changing. We warned our clients of the challenges associated with this change and the impacts the pace of change would have on every single program we were executing.

Going into 2020, the pace has only amplified, and the volume of change has grown exponentially.

Frankly, it’s almost unsustainable — so going into 2020 there are a few key themes Integrity will continue to highlight to our clients to help better position everyone for success.

Change will Drive Everything

The most adaptive organizations will embrace change and, more importantly, will enact operating models, pursue strategies, make investments, explore processes and apply best practices to achieve success.

A critical component of Integrity’s value is to help our clients manage change. Given we’ve lived in this world since the inception of the web, our DNA makes us experts in setting, executing and adjusting strategies to capitalize on the velocity of change.

We don’t fight it — we love it.

The adaptability of our operating model, and frequency at which we review its performance, should serve as baseline examples for all companies in all industries. No industry will be immune from the change that’s only accelerating and the most successful firms will stop fighting change, test new approaches, fail fast and pivot to enable greater profitability and achieve the growth they desire.

Having an operating model that supports change will be a key differentiator.

Winners will Understand the Value of Simplicity

Our world has become so complex with the introduction of numerous tools, platforms, packages, versions, browsers and devices that the most successful firms will be able to rise above all the noise and turn the complex into simple, clear and understandable messaging or strategies.

Albert Einstein famously said, "If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough." Our world is filled with jargon-loving scammers and people who don’t truly understand the technology marketing environment and how to leverage the constantly changing landscape to add value.

At Integrity, we value productivity over activity yet we admit it’s a constant battle to avoid today’s distraction-laden world to ensure our strategies move the needle for our clients. A main way we are able to accomplish these goals is by investing the time required to fully understand the landscape and then to redefine success metrics to better reflect today’s world.

2020 promises to be another awesome year. At Integrity, we are here to help guide you through what inevitably will be another year of massive change and disruption.

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