Why You Can't Ignore Mobile Commerce

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jul 14, 2017

At Integrity, we work hard to stay on top of market trends, which ensures we’re delivering our clients the latest and greatest in custom web development. Now, more than ever, one area our clients cannot ignore is mobile commerce. We have four reasons why focusing on mobile e-commerce should be at the top of your to-do list!

1. Mobile use is making history.

In 2016, mobile users surpassed desktop users for the first time in history. A StatCounter study showed that 51.3% of visits came from a mobile device and 48.7% of visits came from a desktop in October 2016. An even more alarming statistic from the Consumer Technology Association found that more people in the world own a cell phone than a toothbrush!

2. Nearly all Americans shop online.

According to a recent Big Commerce study, 96% of Americans shop online. Fewer people are going to actual stores for their shopping experiences. Instead, they’re shopping from anywhere: their beds, bathrooms, on the road, at work, or even under the influence. Now is the time to take advantage of this shift in behavior and attract those customers who prefer to save their time, effort and, in many cases, money, by shopping online.

3. The millennial generation favors online shopping.

That same study also showed that online shopping is highly favored by millennials. They’re spending half their shopping budget online. That means a lot of opportunity for online purchases, as the millennial generation has now surpassed the Baby Boomer generation in size!

4. A mobile optimized brand means a modern, trusted brand.

An unresponsive site is a surefire way to tell your target customers that your brand is outdated and out of touch. Customers are likely to distrust a website (and won’t want to share sensitive credit card information with you) if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

If you’re looking to increase sales in 2017, why not focus on your e-commerce site? Our team of expert developers is available to help improve the shopping experience for your digital customers and optimize your site for those on the go.

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