Hold the Phone: How We Got More Than 900 Leads for Our Client With Call-Only Ads

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jul 31, 2015

I'm not sure if Alexander Graham Bell was the type of guy who gave high fives, but I bet he'd become one once he saw how we generated mad phone leads for one of our clients.

If your brand is new to online advertising, or the web in general, there's no better way to quickly target specific users (and potential customers) than with paid search engine marketing (SEM). That was the case for one central Illinois law firm, which asked us to find leads that could turn into valuable cases for the firm. They'd been advertising locally using traditional media, like billboards, but it was hard to tell if they were making any money from those campaigns. (And, let's face it, ultimately that's what it's all about.)

We based the firm's overall SEM strategy on user intent. We set up two Google AdWords campaigns using the same ad groups but different ads. One campaign targeted users that wanted to view the firm's website and call or submit a web form. The other, call-only campaign targeted mobile users that wanted to speak to a lawyer directly, as soon as possible.

For keywords, we targeted a mix of specific and generic terms. Like all law firms, our client specializes in certain case areas. We targeted clients searching for help with the types of cases the firm handles, but since many users do more generic, location-based searches like "best law firm in X" or "Attorneys in X," we targeted these keywords, too.

After three months of running both campaigns, we discovered that the call-only campaigns were much more effective. Our client was already seeing a positive return on investment. We moved all of the ad spend budget into the call-only campaign and ran it for another three months. After six months, our client received more than 900 call leads from the ads.

Wait ... so people are actually using their mobile devices for ... phone calls? What kind of ancient sorcery is this?

It actually makes a lot of sense when you consider the users and their goals. Consider these reasons for using call-only ads in this case:

Shorter conversion funnel

Users complete a search query on their mobile phone, decide if they should click on our phone number, connect with our client's staff and then both parties decide if they should do business together. Easy cheesy. Users going to a landing page, on the other hand, would have to review the content, decide if they should fill out the form, submit the form, wait for our client to review the form and then wait some more for the firm to call back. That's a lot of steps to get ahold of an attorney.

Instant connection

With call-only ads, our client connects with the user right away, and we think this makes a big difference for someone that needs an attorney, like, yesterday. People call an attorney because they need help, and our client excels at helping anyone that calls them. Even though the firm gets calls that don't lead to cases they can handle, it's worth the extra effort because they can start the process of helping people sooner.

We're still running the call-only campaign today, continuously tweaking our keyword list to improve the quality of leads, and making the campaign more effective over time. High fives all around!

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