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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jun 29, 2022

At Integrity, you already know we’ve got your online presence covered. You know we’ve got the experience and the expertise to help you build a great looking website or storefront, and to make sure that it ends up in front of the right audience.  As a mar-tech agency, this is our bread and butter.

But what happens when you want to utilize some new or existing piece of business infrastructure, and you need them to integrate seamlessly? We’ve got you covered!  We’ve built countless custom integrations between all kinds of systems, including ones with minimal extensibility right out of the box.

Maybe you’re hoping to level up your business by adding a new piece of technology, but you need help choosing something that works with what you've already got.

Maybe you’re one of the region’s premiere healthcare networks, and you want to make it easier for clients to find the right provider, but that information is scattered amongst an overwhelming number of siloed databases with disparate data structures. 

Maybe you’ve got an ERP system that handles on-the-fly custom pricing, and you need to feed that data into a storefront in real-time

Maybe you need to integrate a WooCommerce storefront with an inventory and order management software suite with little or no API to speak of. Our development team is in the final stages of a build for one of the country's leading retail strategy services companies that does just that. And because a businesses technological needs change at the speed of technology itself, we've created a modular connectivity platform so that no matter which IMS/ERP or storefront software the client's next project uses, we'll be able to re-use large pieces of our library and plugin ecosystem without re-inventing the wheel.

Getting disparate systems to talk to one another can be a messy, frustrating job. No matter what your integration needs are, or what problems you’re running into, we can help.  

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