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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Aug 8, 2016
My first day as an intern at Integrity was intimidating. It wasn’t the ‘finding a lunch table on the first day’ kind of intimidating, but rather an admiration for the talent and drive that those at Integrity possess. I knew that my work here would be a challenge, but it was the challenge that I needed. The challenges I’ve conquered this summer have taught me that confidence is a huge part of succeeding in a creative field. At Integrity, confidence is what helps UX designers propose innovative ideas, produce strong work, and ultimately enjoy creating. Generating an original concept can seem simple in theory, but creating a concept with only the foundation of your mind is complex. Strong design takes strategy. By working with Integrity’s UX designers, I’ve learned that creating takes not only natural inclination, but also a combination of collaboration, research, inspiration, and the confidence to pursue the ideas that are born from these findings. Through creating with these processes over my summer at Integrity, I have become instilled with the confidence to follow through with my own concepts and have learned how to present them in a sure and strategic manner. An idea is only as good as the work you put into it, and the UX designers at Integrity have taught me that it takes confidence in your work to produce a strong product. When the strategic idea for a project is cemented, it’s time for execution--and execution takes a LOT of attention to detail. From creating detailed site maps that determine the best user flow, to high-fidelity wireframes to ensure the infrastructure of a website, to communicating a brand and its goals through the design, confidence is crucial to guarantee you’re creating an excellent website for your client. Through all of the ideation, strategy, and execution that lie behind UX design, Integrity has taught me that confidence is the key to continued enjoyment in creating. During my summer here, I’ve learned to go with the flow, use those around me for motivation, and push through assignments, even if it means learning on the fly. By having the confidence that you can always grow, it’s easy to continue creating the best designs possible. With each day at Integrity, I’ve felt my confidence grow. Whether it’s from producing hands-on work, listening to a presentation, or watching another UX designer, I build upon my creative base that I set out to enhance. The people here care about making you the best you can be while being present along the way. As my summer comes to a close, I’ll take this new understanding of how far confidence can get you and use it as I embark on my final year as a student. But most importantly, as I set out to land my first job. Looking for a confident new website? Contact us today!
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