Branding and Custom Web Development Make a Perfect Pairing

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Jan 24, 2017

At Integrity, we often pair our custom web development projects with branding. We know new branding is much more than just a logo redesign or update, and when you design a website, you take part in the rebranding process.

In the past year we’ve completed multiple custom web development and branding projects, that have allowed our clients to establish a strong brand that directly targets their audience and easily converts that audience to customers.

Establishing Your Brand

Establishing or updating your brand requires a thorough process to be successful. Only once the brand is established, can you move on to developing a site or application that accurately depicts that brand.

For each client, we start by choosing the target audience for your product or service. Once we know the audience, we can cater our messaging directly to them. This messaging is incorporated into all of the elements that make up the brand:

  • Brand Message
  • Personality
  • Positioning Statement and Tagline
  • Logo, Color Palette, Typography

Pairing Branding with Development

Only after the brand is fully complete, do we begin the development and design process. Our process differs by each project but is always driven by content and messaging, which is a direct result of branding decisions.

We write the content for each piece of the site using the established brand message and personality. While the design aspects of a site may be more fun, it’s the focus on content first that ensures each custom site or application we build is focused on the target consumer and displays a consistent brand.

Next, we choose visual elements to support the look and feel of the brand. Colors, logo, fonts and imagery all help establish the brand and reinforce the messaging strategy. The use of consistent brand elements helps to make each brand recognizable and easily memorable to target consumers.

This is just the start of the road to gradually building brand equity, next is a focus on brand marketing through social media and advertising. Visit some of our recent projects, like Jiffy Steamer and Grant Cooper to see some examples of this custom branding and development work.

If you want to work with a team who knows the importance of your brand, contact us.

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