Boosting Internal Productivity With Custom App Development

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
Apr 9, 2018

Internal projects for companies often end up at the bottom of the to do list. It’s understandable; when you’re busy running your business, finding time to discover solutions to internal problems can be tricky.

When Alberici realized they needed to give their company’s intranet a much-needed overhaul, they turned to Integrity for help.

Custom App Development for Streamlined Internal Communication

You may remember Alberici from when we built a new marketing website for them. While that redesign was focused on Alberici’s brand to the outside world, their intranet project was focused on helping their employees. Alberici’s original intranet was created many, many years ago (which is an eternity in Internet Time) in an outdated framework. Integrity conducted several discovery reviews of current functionality, new features, and integrations required to give employees access to items they needed for their daily tasks.

From access to important documents to a robust search specific to the user’s company to a dashboard of frequently updated and easily accessible content, each decision for the app's design was made with the focus on the employees. Building the Intranet as a custom web application utilizing React and the WordPress Rest API resulted in a winning combination of an extensible, fast-loading app powered by data from the world’s most-used CMS. Integrity developers also worked closely with developers from Alberici to integrate the multiple applications that employees needed to access while signed in.

"We are proud of our continued partnership with the Alberici team on yet another web application," said John Simanowitz, Integrity Chief Executive Officer. "We are delighted to provide them with a high-quality internal communication platform that substantially simplifies their daily processes, lowering costs and supporting their continued growth."


Is your business in need of custom web consulting to help solve its internal dilemmas? Get in touch with Integrity today!

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