How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Customer Service

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May 19, 2023

How can we make artificial intelligence (AI) feel more human? This question is at the forefront of the conversation around the advancement of AI technology.

One utilization of artificial intelligence today is "chatbots". A chatbot typically functions as a personal assistant for a company, brand or product that wants to give customers a more instant form of feedback. They solve a major pain point in today's customer service environment; customers have come to expect immediate responses, but most organizations cannot afford to employ enough customer service representatives to meet that expectation.

In our age of instant gratification, consumers don't have the patience for slow response times. What better way to combat that than with a chatbot that can deliver quick feedback, gather data analytics and prompt or redirect conversation with customers without human assistance?

Revolutionizing Customer Service With Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately, many chatbots have traditionally lacked the human element needed to truly satisfy customers' needs. Most consist of standard responses and cannot respond to specific inquiries. Customers want a quick response, but also to feel cared for by a business and treated like an individual. This is where artificial intelligence enters the picture.

Improved User Experience

AI chatbots can measurably improve user experience on your website. AI systems can monitor your site and customer activity to identify when users seem to be experiencing trouble and begin a chat to offer a assistance. Typically if a customer experiences an issue on a site, they call a service line, wait on hold and eventually speak with a representative to resolve it. Or, more likely, they simply leave. Now, systems exist that can respond in real-time and offer support.

As IBM puts it, "The ability to resolve customer service issues before they arise has huge potential. It could significantly lower customer abandonment rates in the purchasing cycle, whilst simultaneously reducing customer complaints and improving consumer satisfaction."

Focused Data Collection

Another benefit of using artificial intelligence in chatbot form is data accumulation. With the speed and power of modern day AI, we can obtain massive amounts of big data in a matter of milliseconds. If bots are used in place of a human, it results in a lower cost on the company for data management. The days of filtering through an unending list of data and names is over with the help of your new AI chatbot.

Current AI Hinderances

Artificial intelligence capabilities are advancing rapidly. This technology can be polarizing, but before getting worked up over the potential destruction of humanity, it's important to understand what AI is and is not capable of. Right now, artificial intelligence cannot replace human skills. Its main abilities are pattern matching and automating routine processes. However, these capabilities make it ideal an ideal solution for customer service.

If the concept of having a bot take the place of a human in your business makes you feel concerned, it shouldn't. Chatbots are made to work as an assistant, not a replacement. Your bot can be used to initiate conversations with customers or even redirect questions to a specific employee or representative. AI chatbots are here to improve efficiency and answer questions, and they're here to stay.

If you think that you could improve your business with artificial intelligence technology, let us get you started! Get in touch today.

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