A Teenager’s Views on Communication

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Jun 19, 2015

In the modern world, there are countless forms of communication. They all have their own benefits and advantages. And they are all used in different situations. Some are best for social purposes and others are more convenient for business. But how does a teenager view all these forms of communication? I am thirteen years old, and my Dad is the Chief Creative Officer of Integrity. I have been surrounded by technology my entire life. And many forms of communication just so happen to be digital. In this article I will spill my thoughts and explain how and when I use various forms of communication.

Alright, let’s start with the most basic one. Real life conversations. Not over texting or over the phone, but in real life. I obviously have these conversations every day (at home, at school, etc.) But if I wasn’t living in this “digital age” I would likely have them more often. Since I have an iPhone and can easily call or text people, sometimes I will choose to do that rather than talk to them in person. But when I am within close range of a person, and I would like to talk with them, I will certainly start a conversation.

Another form of communication is phone calls. When I was younger, I would frequently call my family members who live in other cities just to say hello and check in on them. However, due to more forms of communication becoming accessible to me, I rarely do that now. Of course if it is a holiday or a special occasion, I will give them a call. And perhaps if there is something special or exciting to tell them, I will give them a call. But I will typically save brief check-ins for texting and Emailing.

Now for texting. I text everyday. Nearly everybody I know texts. My friends, my parents, even my grandparents! My friends and I often have lengthy conversations over texting. I text my family members as well. Since most people respond to texts relatively quickly, it is very expedient and convenient. Also, the ability to send pictures and videos is nice. If I see something cool, I can quickly and easily show it to them.

Email is very interesting to me. Most kids who are my age rarely use Email. However, I use it frequently. I think it is more convenient than texting, which is quite an unpopular opinion. Blaise Pascal stated in a letter many years ago “I’m sorry I wrote you such a long letter; I didn’t have time to write a short one.” If I were to reword this in modern terms I would say “I’m sorry I sent you an Email; I didn’t have time to send a text.” People have set the standard that text messages are supposed to be brief and to the point. But that’s not how I prefer to write. Whenever I text, I have to keep my thoughts short and to the point. But whenever I Email, I get to say everything on my mind. Most other kids would disagree with me and say that texting is quicker and easier. But most other kids do not love to write the way that I do.

The last thing I will touch on is sending letters in the mail. When I was younger, I would sometimes get a blank sheet of paper, write a letter a to a family member, take the time to address an envelope, then put it in the mail and wait days for a response. Now that seems almost pointless when I can quickly send an Email and get a reply by the end of the day. Technology, while it is convenient, has made us impatient. The only time I send letters is for birthdays or holidays. I never send a letter for the sake of sending a letter.

So now you know how an actual teenager uses different forms of communication in today’s world. I can’t wait to see how this changes in the future. Will letters be obsolete? Will texts dominate Emails? Will people be sharing this article using an entirely new form of communication we can’t even imagine? We’ll have to wait and see.

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