5 Ingredients for a Perfect Web Application Development Project

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Partner & Chief Creative Officer
May 8, 2015

Not everybody here at Integrity can bake a perfect batch of cookies (although Project Leads Libby and Steffani surprise us every Wednesday with their Weekly Crumble), but we definitely know what it takes to ensure a web application development project runs smoothly. These five ingredients are where we start.

An awesome idea

Every web project begins with an idea. Maybe the idea is a complex mobile or web application, a new website or a digital rebranding. Whatever the idea, it's going to be the main ingredient, the thing people are really going to be able to taste when you serve up the finished product – so make sure it's a good one.

Definitive goals

What your goals are will depend on the idea. Your goals are your project's binding ingredient – they'll hold the project's many parts together, the way an egg holds your cookies' ingredients together. They should be clear and specific. Vague goals could cause the whole project to crumble.

A team of experts

A perfect web application development project requires a great team of developers, designers and strategists. They’ll bring out the flavor of your idea and make sure the goals are reached. The best teams work together, ensuring that every phase of the project runs seamlessly into the next.

A set budget and timeline

The last thing you want is to leave a bad taste in anybody’s mouth by not setting aside the proper amount of time for the project to come together. Rushing through or spending too much time on each step can have a negative impact on the finished product. When putting together your timeline, plan for some snags in the process – the occasional spill, some lumps in the batter – so that you don’t have to push the whole project off course.

The right technology

Just like you wouldn’t bake a cake in the microwave, you wouldn’t build an enterprise web application using just any tools. The technology you'd use to build a high traffic e-commerce experience wouldn't be appropriate for building a marketing website for a small business. Always make sure that you're accounting for cost, performance and scalability when deciding what technology to use for your web application development project.

You'll find that your web projects really do turn out perfectly when you mix these five crucial ingredients together carefully, following a proven process. Your clients and users are sure to be satisfied. They might even come back for a second helping of your web expertise!

Looking for someone to bake up the perfect web product for your business? Tell us about your awesome idea and we'll help you turn it into something you'll love!

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